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Put Away the Fire, dear

Jumping portals and seams spanning reality and cinema, Put Away the Fire, dear, uproots power and history across generations of the American landscape, rupturing “The Master Narrative” to dismantle American Cinema of the 1930s-60s. Immersing into the worlds of 6 characters in a dance-theater live-performance film, A Black Woman contrasts her archetype of disappearance, with potent will. Various characters shift the lens and redirect storylines across eras of thriller, film-noir, romance, and musical. Remixing dance-theater, storytelling, cinema’s gaze, voice, and music, they disintegrate archetypes as they live their inaccessible range of humanness. Disrupting erasure as a Black American Woman from the South, my radical dreaming carves an immersive eye through time-hopping from my grandmother's perspective, to my trapped house between real and myth, onwards to fantastical cinematic plots. We boldly take the pen, release the flame, setting fire to the structures that be.

Why this work is important...

This piece opens up the way for BIPOC folks and marginalized folks to tell our stories. Unlike how history, literature, and cinema has been distorted to limit us within imagination, and layered stereotype and prejudice along our skin in its lens and words. With this new work, I want to turn the lens or the focus on the condition of us in history and in film to understand our experience. And then layer in the transforming imagination for us to try on roles not given to us to reveal more about the figures and stories we believe to be try, while expanding what is capable for each of us. And from this point, we dismantle the narratives entirely to write new stories that can hold our existence and truths within it. What could that be?
With dance performance, this pushes the barriers of the spaces we are given. Going beyond representation and rebellion, to have an inclusive work and space considering BIPOC folks lives and experiences. How can various histories inform storytelling, dance, theater, text, music, and perspective? We can expand what contemporary dance-theater we've known breaking down the lines from what was once exploitative "exotic" Black dance forms and separated African Diaspora forms into including this within our identities as these characters. 
Lastly, the use of film structures in plot/narrative, perspective, and editing techniques allows the ability to jump through the fragmented histories of oppressed peoples in the American landscape. With this erasure of history, sites, and people we can move through and along the fragments of what we have, imagine in between, and change our circumstances. 

Tour and Partnerships-
Plan for 2023-2025

I’m working towards the first tour of my group work, and am building partnerships along the way. This process for creative process and partnerships includes:


  • Creative residencies and commissions

  • Building community workshops

  • Collaborations with a filmmaker dramaturg, musicians, and a set designer

  • Building tech residencies

  • Theater, Local Sites, and Festival tour performances: NYC, California, and along Southern States like North Carolina, South Carolina, New Orleans, Montgomery, and Atlanta. 

Community Component:

I intend to connect and empower BIPOC folks and marginalized through community workshops that helped me. I want to bring this work to spaces with predominantly Black and Brown communities so that they can see their stories reflected, and that our stories can be seen differently. I share more about this on the community page.

Current Collaborators and Partnerships

Cast and Collaborators:


Previous Casts:

2023- Jessica Alexander, Tatiana Barber, Kayla Farrish, Kerime Konur, Curtis Thomas

Additional Collaborators: James Andrew Barrett, Alexander Diaz, and Erik Osterkil


2022- Jessica Alexander, Quaba Ernest, Kayla Farrish, Maggie Joy, Sophia Parker, Marcus Sargeant, and Junyla Silmon

​Supporting Partnerships and Developing Relationships:

Triskelion Theater- Residency and Performance Venue 

La Mama Experimental Theater - Artist in Residence and Commission

Joyce Theater- Commission, Presenting Partner, and Residency 

Foundation for the Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant 

Watermill Center for the Arts- Residency

Harkness Promise Award and 92Y- Residency 

ODC Theater - Commission and Presenting Partner

American Dance Festival- Presentation Consideration 

NEFA NDP Finalist 

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